Digital Libraries

Flagship Digital Libraries

The Library of Congress American Memory Project http://memory.loc.gov/

UC Berkeley Digital Library Project http://elib.cs.berkeley.edu/

Alexandria Digital Library Project (UC Santa Barbara) http://alexandria.sdc.ucsb.edu/

Are These Digital Libraries?

They each have some important parts in place ...

USGS EROS Data Center http://edcwww.cr.usgs.gov/

National Library of Medicine Specialized Information Services http://sis.nlm.nih.gov/

The Valley of the Shadow Project http://jefferson.village.virginia.edu/vshadow2/ (see especially: http://jefferson.village.virginia.edu/vshadow2/contents.html)

The Library of Congress (home page) http://www.loc.gov/

New York Public Library http://www.nypl.org/

Other Related Resources

WordNet -- a Lexical Database of English http://cogsci.princeton.edu/~wn/

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