Current Students

Name Status Information
Prashant Chandrasekar M.S., Ph.D. Personal web
Research: Social Interactome
email: p e e c e e
Yinlin Chen Ph.D. Personal web
Research: Automatically improving Ensemble
email: y l c h e n
Mohamed Farag Ph.D. Research: IDEAL, and earlier CTRnet
email: m m a g d y
S.M.Shamimul Hasan Ph.D. Research: Linked data, RDF, Ebola, and earlier CINET
email: s h a s a n 2
Sunshin Lee Ph.D. Research: Hadoop, tweets, geolocation, and earlier on the Water-ID project
email: s s l e e 7 7 7
Pranav Nakate M.S. Research: School shootings, part of IDEAL
email: n p r a n a v
Venkataraghavan Srinivasan Ph.D. Research: Classifying ETDs using LCSH, CTRnet
email: s v e n k a t
Xuan Zhang Ph.D. Research: Vehicle Defects Detection, email: x u a n c s AT

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Master's Degrees Awarded (Year)

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Selected Collaborators

  • Warren Bickel
  • Weiguo (Patrick) Fan
  • Chris Franck
  • Andrea Kavanaugh
  • Alla Rozovskaya
  • Steve Sheetz
  • Donald Shoemaker


    • Susan Marion
      Administrative Assistant
    • John A. N. Lee