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For a partial list of publicly available books, papers, posters, demonstrations, theses/dissertations, and technical report, see relevant sections of the CV of the DLRL Director.

Following are documents from DLRL projects and members that are not published except here.

These documents are made available on the Web as technical reports or internal documents. All copyrights are maintained by the authors and the Digital Library Research Laboratory.

France, Robert K., Lucy Terry Nowell, Edward A. Fox, Rani A. Saad and Jianxin Zhao. "Use and usability in a digital library search system." Paper submitted to Digital Libraries 99. (PDF version) (HTML version)


France, Robert K. "When stopping rules don't stop." Internal Report, Virginia Tech, 1995. (PDF Version).


France, Robert. "The Academy: a community of information retrieval agents." Unfinished internal report, 1994. (PDF Version).


France, Robert K. "Weights and measures: an axiomatic model for similarity computations." Internal Report, Virginia Tech, 1994. (PDF Version).


France, Robert K. and Edward A. Fox. "Indexing large collections of small text records for ranked retrieval." Internal Report, Virginia Tech, 1993. (PDF Version).


France, Robert K., Ben E. Cline and Edward A. Fox. "MARIAN Detailed Design." Unpublished technical document, Virginia Tech Computing Center. v. 1.4, 1992. (PDF Version)


France, Robert K. "Information Interactions: User Interface Objects for CODER, INCARD, and MARIAN." Unpublished internal document, Virginia Tech Computing Center. v. 2.5, August 1992. (PDF Version)


Fox, Edward A., Robert C. Wohlwend, Phyllis R. Sheldon, Qi-Fan Chen and Robert K. France. "Building the CODER Lexicon: The Collins English Dictionary and Its Adverb Definitions." Technical Report TR-86-23. Blacksburg, VA: Virginia Tech Department of Computer Science, October 1986. (PDF Version)